Top 5 Reasons Why The MasterCraft NXT is the Best Value On The Water

While all new boats are shiny, the MasterCraft NXT Series is built to stand the test of time. If you were able to tear a boat apart, you would see glaring differences between the MasterCraft NXT and its competitors. Let's take a look at the top 5 things that make the NXT the best value on the water. 

1.       Flooring – While all boats have a floor, the MasterCraft NXT uses a true tub and liner construction resulting in a one-piece deck the is also the seat base and the flooring. Take a look around and you’ll see many of the competitors simply screw carpeted plastic or metal to the flooring to make a seat base. The issue with screwing parts to the floor is twofold. First, it does not allow for the depth afforded by MasterCraft's design which erodes storage and limits overall design. Secondly,over time non-fiberglass parts can break down and the screws securing them can back out. Would you call that “quality”? We wouldn’t.

2.       Anodized Aluminum Parts – The MasterCraft NXT tower, grab handles, dash trim, steering wheel and wakeboard racks are all anodized aluminum. Many of the competitors boats simply paint these parts, and some use plastic! Paint can produce a desirable finish in the short term but what happens when you repeatedly fold the tower or take your boards in and out of racks? Long term paint can chip leaving an ugly scar and ultimately leaving unprotected metal exposed to the elements.

3.       Upholstery – The NXT uses the same quality vinyl as the world famous XSeries, and not just on the accent portions but throughout the entire boat. No skimping here, this is the good stuff featuring puncture resistance, UV stability and more. Look a little closer and you will see top of the line stitch quality including double stitches in high traffic areas.

4.       ILMOR Engines – We don’t swap out high performance engines just to cut cost these boats are built to RIP! The NXT series runs the same standard ILMOR 5.7 Liter engine and the NXT22 can be upgraded to the arm stretching 6.2 liter! Oh yeah, unlike the competition, we actually post horsepower rather than hide behind misleading marketing. One more thing, our stats are backed up by actual certification, go ahead and compare for yourself. Displacement to displacement, no one matches our power

5.       Components – The MasterCraft come STANDARD with ZERO OFF GPS based cruise control and the speakers are JL Audio powered by a FUSION head unit. While most of the competition specs out bottom of the line components we give you what you need today meaning you won’t want to upgrade halfway through the season. Looking for further proof? Check out the full color display gauge, we didn’t just slap in some basic gauges and call it a day. This is an HD display that allows you to see where your speed, depth, plate settings, RPMs and more.

When it comes to quality and value we have nothing to hide. Climb aboard, stand on the seats, throw down the throttle and you’ll see that no other boat stacks up to the MasterCraft NXT. Call today to schedule a test drive. 


Author: Corey King